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Living Steampunk

Living the Steampunk Life
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All about putting the steam into everyday life
Do you have Steampunk clothing instead of costumes? Do you love, live, and breath Steampunk? Has the Victorian Era always held a special appeal to you? You just found the right place.

This community is for those of us in the Steampunk community who either want to or do take Steampunk beyond the occasional convention outfit and integrate it into our daily lives.
Here you can find support, inspiration, and a place to show off your creativity.
NeoVictorians and Goths of all stripes welcome as well.

I would ask that all members try to keep things civil. No flaming, name-calling, etc.
In addition, please no sales posts. If you wish to post an ad for Steampunk lifestyle related items (that are not clothing or jewelry) send the mod a message and we'll work something out.