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Jake Von Slatt

August 2011

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birdy955 in living_steam

My Grand, Year Long, Steampunk Experiment

I have a dream. My dream is to have everything I do, wear, and use be an expression of who I am and what I value.   I also have a problem with clutter.  Herein, I have found a solution to both. 

Starting on my birthday, September 19th, 2010, everything I own, purchase, or receive, if it does not already fit within the steampunk aesthetic I have set up for myself,  must be given away or modified to fit.  An emphasis will be placed on making things myself rather than modifying purchased goods, however. My move at the end of August will clear me out to the bare essentials as it is, so this is not nearly as daunting as it may seem.  There will also be an exception made for materials and tools needed to make or modify other things.

My wardrobe (mostly left in the move anyway) will be replaced with one made from thrift store finds, modified to fit the theme, and handmade pieces.

I will structure my time and activities in a way that blends a simpler, more Victorian, appreciation of time well spent with an eye to what truly makes me happy.

This year will be an exercise in mindful living and getting to know:

 A. How little I can get along with.

 B.  The workings of those things I cannot live without.

C.  If I can pull this off.

This project will last one year and will extend even to any food I cook, the materials I use for my schoolwork, and the way I structure and spend my days. 

The help, support, and encouragement of friends and family will be much appreciated, so wish me luck as I prepare to begin this journey into a life less common, more timeless, and delightfully anachronistic. 


Thank you!
Sounds like a truly awesome endeavor to start on. I'm very much interested in how it all goes for you and of would be willing to help as much as I can. You'll let us know how it goes, yes?
Absolutely! I intend to cover the whole thing in daily blogs with photos, and to ask for help whenever I hit a snag. This year is also about changing the way I live for the better, so I’ll be learning to reach out more.
This is one of the most encouraging things I've ever heard. I wish you all the luck in the world!
Thank you so much! Everyone is so supportive! I can’t imagine failing with this many people in my corner!
The very best of luck to you, of course-I especially hope you'll tell us how it goes in the food and scheduling department. May it all prove wildly fun and quite sustainable!
That’s my hope! If everything is modded or made from used material, and my time is structured upon what is really important, instead of hours of mindless TV and other useless wastes, I believe that things will go much smoother! As for food... look out for the Victorian bento!
This sounds fantastic. I would love to hear updates on your progress :)
You will certainly have them! I intend to journal every day once things get going, to give reports on my days. I’ll also be chronicling things in photos on a flicker stream.